When requesting a quote for a single or double end stud, please provide the following dimensions:

   D = Bolt diameter

   L = Bolt length

   T = Thread length

   C = Thread length (if a double end stud)

   B = Nut distance from end of bolt (if a double end stud) 

We manufacture single and double end threaded studs to your specifications and drawings.
Tack welding heavy hex nuts, plate washers, or F844/USS washers on the embed of anchor bolts is done routinely.

Typically, the nut is tack welded such that the bottom of the nut is ~1/2" from the end of the stud or where specified.

Single End Stud

© 2017 East Coast Threading

Single end stud
Double end stud
Double end stud with a tack welded nut

Double End Stud

© 2017 East Coast Threading

© 2017 East Coast Threading

Double End Stud with tack welded nut

Threaded Studs
2" double end studs (F1554-55 HDG) with a tack welded nut
1 1/2" single end threaded studs
1 1/2" x 20" double end studs with a flush tack welded nut
Embedded end of an anchor bolt with a nut, plate washer, nut
Anchor bolts with welded nuts and washers
F1554 anchor bolts