While square plate washers with a hole in the center may be the most common, we can also supply rectangular and round plate washers with offset or multiple holes.  For plain anchor bolts, typically the diameter of the hole in the plate washer is 1/16" larger than the diameter of bolt.  For hot dip galvanized (HDG) bolts and plates, the diameter of the hole in the plate washer is 1/8" larger.

Plate Washers

When requesting a quote for a square plate washers, please provide the following:

   T = Plate thickness

   Size = Length x Width

   D = Hole diameter
   Finish = Plain or HDG
   Material grade and quantity

Hot dipped galvanized plate washers
Assorted plate washers

The table below provides part numbers and sizes for our most common square plate washers.  The "-###" in the part number refers to the size of the center hole.  This is not a complete list, but just a sample of routine sizes we manufacture.  For plates with multiple holes or not centered hole positions, please call or email us a drawing for us to quote.