We manufacture hook bolts of all kinds: L hook bolts, round hook or J bolts, square hook bolts, special hook bolts, etc.

Contact us today for a quote for whatever hook bolt you may need.

When requesting a quote for hook bolts, please provide the following dimensions:

   D = Bolt diameter

   L = Bolt length

   T = Thread length

   C = Hook length

   B = Hook return length (or angle of bend for a special hook bolt)

Hook Bolts

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Square bend hook bolt

L Hook Bolt

Round Hook Bolt or J Hook Bolt

L Hook Bolt
Round hook bolt or J hook bolt
Special or custom bent hook bolt

© 2017 East Coast Threading

Square Hook Bolt

© 2017 East Coast Threading

© 2017 East Coast Threading

Special Hook Bolt

1/2" diameter square bend hook bolt
J hook bolts, 1 3/8" diameter round hook bolts, galvanized hook bolts
Custom bent hook bolt | Special hook bolt
Galvanized L Hook Bolts
3/4" x 4 1/2" +3" L hook bolts